Differing tri-bands of colors represent nations, using the seven most common colors in the flags of the world. There is only one block of “red/white/blue”.

in the background, non-repeating dark bands of color represent mystery and the unknown. These bands stand apart from the nations.

“Under God” was a late (1954) addition to the Pledge of Allegiance, a Cold War change to differentiate America from Communist nations. Some commentators believe it was also a way to implicitly say that God favors Capitalism.

In the painting I emphasize that God (or if one does not believe in God, universal forces such as physics) exists apart from human constructs such as nations, and that America is only one nation among many. I want people to consider that by saying “under God” there are broad implications as to how we treat others and the environment. I want to be explicit that God is not a tribal God of America.